TickBug shell extension mainly based on the symstore utility of “Microsoft Debugger Tools”. It is highly recommended to install newer version of Microsoft Debugger Tools on your computer, before proceeding with the setup.  You can obtain latest version of Microsoft Debugger Tools from the Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK) page.

After the installation you need to configure TickBug for the Microsoft Debugger Tools and for the Symbol Server.  To perform with this configuration please follow the below mention steps,

  1. Right click on any of the directory in your computer and select “TickBug symbol server actions” menu item.
  2. Click “Preferences” sub menu item.
  3. Select the “General” tab of the TickBug Preferences window.
  4. Specify the directory locations of “Microsoft Debugger Tools” and symbol server repository.  When providing the “Microsoft Debugger Tools” directory it is necessary to provide the directory location of “symstore.exe”. For example: If “symstore.exe” locates at the “C:\WinDDK\Debuggers\symstore.exe”, then you need to specify the target directory as “C:\WinDDK\Debuggers”.
    Note : both the input filed(s) are accepting local and remote URIs.
  5. Once specifying the directory information you are ready to work with the TickBug shell extension. All the other settings are optional and keep them in default mode.
  6. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Please note that all these settings are applicable for the current user account only. Each of the user account need separate configuration entries.