Debug symbols help software developers to have the better debugging sessions. Debug symbols consist with the information about the functions of executable files and dynamic libraries. Because of this information, developer may get proper understanding about the debug session. In development centers symbol servers are use to store symbols of the local application executables, libraries, operating system executables, libraries, etc.

In this article we describe how to setup symbol server with the help of TickBug Windows shell extension.

  1. Install “Microsoft Debugging Tools”. You can obtain latest version of “Microsoft Debugging Tools” from the “Windows Driver Kit (WDK)” page.
  2. Create some shared folder to store the debug symbols. Most of the times it is recommended to store your debug symbols in shared location (e.g: file server) then anyone in the development team may access it while debugging the applications or dumps.
  3. Install TickBug shell extension on client / development PC(s) and configure directory locations.
  4. Select the directory (which contain debug information and binaries) which you need to map and right click on it and select the “TickBug symbol server actions > Add to symbol server” menu item.
  5. Specify the product name and other information (version details, comments, etc)
  6. Click OK to start the mapping process. This may take some time and it totally depends on your IT infrastructure (network traffic, server performance, etc) and the performance of your local workstation.

To access these debug repositories you need to use Visual Studio IDE or some 3rd party debugging tool such as WinDbg. To get more information please refer the following Knowledge Base and MSDN articles,